Advisory Services

RBH-BKMEA is committed to provide support to its member factories to identify, prevent, mitigate actual and potential adverse impacts to people, planet and society associated with an enterprise’s own operations, supply chain, suppliers and other business relationships – in line with international due diligence standards.


RBH-BKMEA will provide training to the member factories on Business and Human Rights due diligence process and Grievance Mechanism.

Awareness Development

RBH-BKMEA will create a Knowledge and awareness platform on German Supply Chain Act due diligence requirement. Relevant articles, tips, reports, brochures and other relevant information will be provided to the BKMEA member units.


The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act:

In June 2021 the German Government passed new ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) legislation called the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains – commonly referred to as the “Supply Chain Act.” This Act requires large companies to impose social and environmental due diligence standards on their supply chains. Specifically, it requires companies to monitor their own and those of their direct suppliers and take action if violations are identified.

The law comes into effect on January 1st, 2023, with an expansion in 2024.

What is Due Diligence?

The Supply Chain Act ensures that businesses in German have to meet certain “due diligence” requirements.

Due diligence is the process enterprises should carry out to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for how they address actual and potential adverse impacts in their own operations, their supply chain and other business relationships.

That means they have to check whether their business activities could lead to any human rights violations or any damage to the environment. They have to take action to prevent, mitigate or end violations. They also have to put in place a complaints mechanism for anybody who may be affected by violations.

How does it work?

The due diligence process must be carried out in a systematic and risk-based manner and must include the following steps:

  1. Establishing an effective risk Management Systems- An effective Policies and risk management systems are in place to ensure human rights and the environment are protected.
  2. Risk Analysis- Identify the potential human rights and environmental risks in the supply chains by conducting a risk assessment.
  3. Implementation in Operation & Preventive measures- The findings from the risk assessment to be addressed and take appropriate action to address the impacts.
  4. Monitoring- Companies regularly monitor how effective their actions to reduce due diligence risks have been.
  5. Grievance and Remediation- Workers have access to effective grievance mechanisms to file complaints and give feedback on the company’s performance in providing remedy for negative impacts.
  6. Communication and Reporting- Companies communicate and report how they address negative impacts on human rights and the environment.

Who does the Act apply to?

  • Partnerships and corporations with headquarters, principal place of business, administrative headquarters, registered office or a domestic branch in Germany and employ more than 3,000 employees across the entire group
  • From 2024 the Supply Chain Act will also apply to; Companies who meet the above requirements and have over 1,000 employees.


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