Services or activities of R&D

◉ Publishing information regarding current market situation as a Magazine or Bulletin or in Press Release to keep the business stakeholders up to date.The research area of Research and Development Cell, BKMEA is mainly concentrated on the international trade and trade policy issues related to the textiles and clothing industry. R&D cell also intends to look into the technological developments taking place all over the world and update the industry by disseminating these latest developments through different research work and Publication.

◉ Market ResearchTo find out new markets, which have much potentiality in terms of expanding Knitwear export of Bangladesh in upcoming days, Research & Development Cell is conducting market research. The major objective of the Market research is to find out the top demand pattern of the Market, Engagement in international trade of apparel business, Tariff and Non-Tariff structure, Price scenario of Knitwear items in that Market etc.

◉ Research Working Paper SeriesBKMEA R&D cell is working on starting its own working paper series which will be based not only on the knitwear sector also this series will emphasis on the Fiscal & Monetary Policy of Bangladesh.

◉ Greening the Knitwear IndustryR&D cell, BKMEA is playing the leading role to facilitate the process of financing for sustainable & Green factory development of the knitwear sector of Bangladesh and also coordinate the inter-linkage between the respective Govt. and donor agency and the Knitwear factories of Bangladesh.

◉ Sought Out the Global Demand PatternBKMEA R&D understands the change in worldwide taste and pattern of the knit products and are always ready to provide instruction to the member factories to be accustomed to product diversification process. This will help the entrepreneurs to cope up with the immense demand that they are going to receive in the days to come.

◉ Providing Research-Based Policy SuggestionResearch is an analytical process that brings out a step by step logical solution to a problem. We believe, as apparel business has become internationalized and extremely competitive, we have got to look out for pitfalls and address them accordingly to program, under which we will be doing some innovative and suitable research analysis that will come in handy for formulating policy and strategy.

◉ Foreign Mission & EmbassyThe R&D cell of BKMEA solely keeping liaison with various foreign mission and embassies and provided opinions on different issues whenever necessary. Also R&D cell conducted several meetings with different ambassadors for the improvement of knitwear sector of Bangladesh.

◉ Working Partners AbroadR&D cell is working side by side for the betterment of country’s apparel sector with its working partners from abroad namely, giz, UNIDO, iaf, ADB, AFD, Manchester Metropolitan University etc.

◉ Policy Making ForumBKMEA R&D cell continuously providing their views and suggestions on country’s Budget Policy, Export & Import Policy, Port Policy also on other policies as well whenever necessary.

◉ Training & WorkshopsR&D cell of BKMEA has provided many trainings and organized workshops on market analysis, export management, brand development and other apparel related issues, also the R&D team itself got trainings from several reputed organizations on Project Management, Project Negotiation, Brand Development, CSR, Social Awareness etc. to strengthen its expertise.