Overview of BKMEA-SEIP Project

The ready-made garment (RMG) industry in Bangladesh is entering a new stage in its history. As Bangladesh RMG is moving towards achieving a target of reaching USD 50 billion by 2021, it requires more growth than it has been attaining for the last years. The current skills supply systems do not meet the skill demand because of inadequate throughput and a mismatch between skills supply and skills demand. Moreover the knit sub sector is facing a lot of production and efficiency related issues. These include: poor line efficiency, poor labor productivity, shortage of skilled workforce, safety issues and long lead time.Most of the existing workforce of RMG sector do not have any formal skill training and those are lagging workmanship resulting to low productivity. Cost benefit analyses of products shows that the marginal production is low and the cost is relatively high because of inefficient & less-skilled workers in different occupational trades. To achieve the target of reaching USD 50 billion by 2021 the sector requires vast technical training and implementation of skills development program is a must.

Bangladesh RMG industry is realizing its need for skilled professionals. In order to bridge the skill gap, BKMEA has identified training needs of the sector and started SEIP Project on 15 April, 2015 in collaboration with Ministry of Finance and ADB. The overall objective of the project is to qualitatively and quantitatively expand the skilling capacity of identified training providers by establishing and operationalizing a responsive skill eco system and delivery mechanism through a combination of well-defined set of funding triggers and targeted capacity support. Under SEIP Project BKMEA has been conducting training at 5 own institutes: iART-Dhaka, iART-Narayanganj, iART-Chittagong, WTI-Narayanganj and WTI-Comilla and at factory based outsourced training institutes. In Tranche 1 (from 15 April, 2015 to 31 December, 2018) BKMEA has been provided with a target of 23,971 whereas BKMEA has successfully trained 23,980 trainees in three areas, firstly Graduate Training  Program on Apparel Merchandising, Social Compliance and CSR Issues, Industrial Engineering & Lean Manufacturing, Production Planning & Supply Chain Management, Textile Testing & Lab Management, Fire Safety Management & Risk Assessment, Market Analysis & Export Promotion, Tactics of Commercial Activities, secondly Operator Training Program (new entrants) and thirdly Up-Skilling Training Program on Lean Manufacturing System, Industrial Engineering, Garments Quality Assurance System, Fabric Optimization & Cutting Technology, Social Compliance Norms and Fire Safety Management & Risk Assessment. In Tranche 1, 21,507 trainees have been place in gainful jobs of which 67.35% are New Entrants Trainee (Graduates and Operator Training Program) and 100% for Up-Skilling Training Program.

Implementation Status of Training Program under Tranche 1
Duration 15 April, 2015 to 31 December, 2018
Training Target 23,971

In Tranche 2, BKMEA has been given target to train 14,640 trainees from January 2019 to December 2020. Considering the industry demand, BKMEA has decided to deliver training on Apparel Merchandising, Social Compliance & Human Resource Management, Industrial Fire Safety Management, Industrial Engineering & Lean Manufacturing, Production Planning & Supply Chain Management under Graduate Training Program and Sewing Machine Operation (NE) under Operator Training Program and Industrial Engineering & Lean Manufacturing, Garments Quality Management, Social Compliance Norms, Industrial Fire Safety Management under Up-Skilling (Operator Training Program) and Industrial Engineering & Lean Manufacturing under Up-Skilling (Management Training Program).

Implementation Status of Training Program under Tranche 2 (Up to 30 September, 2019)
Duration 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020
Training Target 14,640

Even though, there is a huge demand for skilled workforces in the RMG sector both at home and abroad. Studies say, the demand will continue to grow.  According to the BIDS Report, total demand for workers in RMG sector will be 5.980 million in 2020, 9.160 million in 2025, and 11.090 million in 2030. So the revision of the existing contract is therefore essential to meet the demand for skilled workforce in the RMG sector. BKMEA will conduct 13 market responsive inclusive skill training courses under Tranche 3. In Tranche 3 BKMEA-SEIP project estimated to train up a total of 20,010 trainee. The duration of the project will be 3 Years; from 1 January, 2021 to 31 December 2023. Based on industry demand BKMEA decided to introduce one New Entrant course on Computerized Sweater Knitting Machine Operation and three up-skilling courses on Mid-level Supervisor Training, Customs Bond & Documentation and Market Analysis & Export Promotion in Tranche 3.

To become the leading garment production center in the world providing high quality the ready-made garment industry in Bangladesh has been entering to automation day by day. In the meantime BKMEA has plan to enhance the capacity of its own Skill Development training institutes e.g. iART’s (Institute of Apparel Research & Technology) & WTI’s (Worker’s Training Institute) in terms of ensuring availability of equipment, tools and learning materials to meet the changing technology of labor market. It is worthwhile to mention that BKMEA is taking all preparations to make one more training institute at Bandar, Narayanganj which will be functional very soon.