Research and Development cell of BKMEA works with national, international and Govt. organizations of Bangladesh to ensure sustainable development of knitwear sector. From the very beginning of journey, R&D cell have conducted research major in International trade area through acquiring the knowledge of potential economies and have created various opportunities of export promotion as well as export diversification of knit products all over the world by providing policy making suggestions in the related forum. This cell is working closely to formulate different policy e.g. Export, Import, Industrial policy, fifth year policy regarding knitwear sector of Bangladesh. R&D cell has also taken several initiatives for a sustainable development of this sector.

Current Accomplishments

To find out the markets, which have much potentiality in terms of expanding Knitwear export of Bangladesh in upcoming days, this cell is conducting market research. The major objectives of the market research is to find out the top demand pattern of the Market, Engagement in international trade of apparel business. The previous activities of R&D cell are;

  • R&D cell has already published brief market research on Canada, USA, Poland, South Korea, Japan, Australia, German, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Chili, Sri Lanka, Russia, India, Turkey, Kenya, UAE and Iran who have great opportunities to import from our country.
  • To adopt with the global knit demand, and thrive in a changing market nature is the ultimate objective of an entrepreneur. To grab various market, R&D cell has published “Global Buyers Information Directory” where most of the buyers of about 140 countries information, tariff stricter, product values, and economic situation have been accommodated.
  • Research working paper series
  • Regularly publishing annual “Apparel Export statistics”
  • Providing policy and research support for the sectorial development and to the related govt. forum

Future Plan

  • Securing a Knitwear market through FTA, PTA (In collaboration with the Govt.) and facilitate export almost all over the world.
  • To run extensive research in the field level (Grassroots sector the industry), research based policy formation in a way that short term goals coincide with long term goals
  • Provide consultancy services on International trade
  • Working paper series
  • Provide policy suggestions on long-term development strategy for knitwear industry of Bangladesh.

Developmental activities

  • R&D, a sole representative of development of knit sector as well as BKMEA basically plays role in policy-making process.
  • As a team R&D provides free consultancy services for market expansion as well as market research to the new comer.
  • Besides this, Trade related data support for various institutions.
  • Adopting sustainable business practices to RMG sector provide intellectual support.