Contribution to Knit Sector as well as BKMEA

◉ Expedition of New Market for the growth of country’s knitwear sector.
The Research and Development Cell is working continuously through market research on emerging, but potential markets across the world with a view to developing trade expansion and facilitation. The newly emerging markets are Australia, Japan, China, Russia, South Africa, Korea, India, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Turkey and these countries have great potentials in terms of export of Bangladesh Knitwear products. According to sources, rise in export to markets such as Australia, Japan, Russia and Brazil are highly encouraging.
◉ Research work on Market Policy, Trade Openness, Existing Market, Business Barriers to make the business easier.
In present era, it is impossible to think about the development of the economy without researching the insights of the fact. Also it is much more important to find out the hindering of the Knitwear production and export growth, the strength and weakness of the sector, the competitiveness position of the sector, Potentiality of the sector, WTO related rules & regulation regarding trade facilities for LCDs, the national and international rules and regulation regarding apparel trade, Rules of Origin (RoO), Supply Chain Management.
◉ Market statistics analysis, Primary Data Collection for the betterment of Knitwear Sector.
The scarcity of information and relevant data is one of the major hindrance to research project. In Bangladesh the source and reliability of RMG related data is not sufficient. As our main objective is to create a research ethos not only for the knitwear sector but also for the economy of Bangladesh we took an initiative to fulfill the gap regarding the availability of data.
Research and Development wing, BKMEA with efficient and energetic research executives are endeavoring to find out the strength and weakness of the sector, Competitive advantage of the sector, Non-Tariff measures of the Knitwear export, and Impact of Minimum Wage increase on the Knitwear sector of Bangladesh. To find out the real scenario and the real fact of Knitwear sector, R&D team operated a year-long field survey for the first time in Bangladesh covering more than 150 factories in Dhaka (Savar, Ashulia, Gazipur), Narayanganj and Chittagong region.
◉ Global Buyers’ Information Directory.
Research & Development wing of BKMEA has published a mammoth 2100 pages book named “Global Buyers’ Information Directory”, where relevant buyer’s information, tariff structure, product values, economic situation have been accommodated to grab the opportunities of market expansion in upcoming days.