BKMEA has started its journey in 1996 by the all-out efforts of few knitwear manufacturers. BKMEA was formed as a trade association to facilitate and promote knitwear business. The R&D cell of BKMEA has started its journey towards sustainable knitwear sector with the vision of conducting empirical research work on critical national and international policies for International apparel business since 2003. From the beginning of its journey, Research and Development cell of BKMEA has been working with meticulous attention for the development of Bangladesh Knitwear Sector. Though the activities of R&D cell were limited to some extent in its primary phase, but over the time; with dynamic and efficient research team, it has expanded its working periphery with sectoral policy issues and broadened its alliance with both national and international organizations.

The main focus of this department is to provide policy and research support to the association, to the sector, and to the government. R&D cell works on the issues which are critically important for knitwear sector of Bangladesh in the concurrent scenario and also in the global context. This effort has created a positive furor amongst the economists, researchers, top-level government officials and trade experts related to this sector. In the face of economic downturn, the cell is playing a pivotal role in determining the market priorities and strategies by giving relevant policy guidelines and information to the sector. A bi-annual research journal named “Knit Communiqué’’, an annual “Apparel Export Statistics of Bangladesh” and a quarterly “Knit Barta” in Bangla are regularly published by the R&D cell. Besides, the cell regularly publishes various articles, newsletters, market brief to orient the entrepreneurs with frequent updates taking place at home and abroad.