Services provided 

  • Certificate Courses Under PIC, iART
        Training Courses –
  1. Apparel Merchandising; Duration – 4 Months.
  2. Industrial Engineering & Lean Manufacturing; Duration – 4 Months.
  3. Production Planning & Supply Chain Management; Duration – 4 Months
  4. Textile Manufacturing & Lab Management. Duration – 2 Months
  • Factory based training program –
  1. Industrial Engineering System
  2. Lean manufacturing System
  3. Garments Quality assurance system
  4. Fabric Optimization & Cutting Technology
  • Consultancy Services on Productivity Improvement

Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC) provides Factory based Training and Consultancy Services on following areas:

  1. Lean Manufacturing System Implementation
  2. Industrial Engineering Department Establishment & Development
  3. Enrichment of existing Industrial Engineering Department
  4. Fabric Optimization & Cutting Technology
  5. New Floor Layout Design
  6. Reengineering of existing Layout
  7. Implementation of Quality Assurance System
  • Industrial Training Program for University Students on “Garment Technology & Lean Manufacturing”

BKMEA’s Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC) has successfully conducted the following training programs for the students of Industrial & Production Engineering and Textile Engineering departments of various engineering universities of Bangladesh.  

    1. Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET).
    2. Jessore University of Science & Technology  (JUST)
    3. Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University (MBSTU)
    4. Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology (DUET)
    5. Prime Asia University (PAU)

Other Science & Technology Universities are in process to include in BKMEA’s Industrial Training Program on “Garment Technology & Lean Manufacturing”.

  • Benefits of Productivity improvement in the factories

BKMEA PIC team has already provided their services more than 55 factories in Bangladesh. By successful implementation of the project, significant improvements have been made in various stages. A comparative scenario of before & after Implementation is shown below considering important KPI:

The target groups are benefited immensely from the contemplated program in terms of both technical and management capacities. From technical side they learn the methods and applications of value adding activities.

In managerial capacity, this program provides cost-effective solution to production and labor management.

Given the result that the PIC team of BKMEA has brought about in the factories through their productivity improvement program, we can assume that by 2020, the knitwear sector of Bangladesh will have achieved broader productivity range than those in South Asia and by 2050, it may challenge the world’s Top.