The campaign: Productivity is the key of sustainability

In the ever-increasingly competitive global market, importers tend to lay more emphasis on cheaper price, quality and lead time when the manufacturers go all-out for minimizing the production cost. Situations are getting even wacky following the constant raise in price of raw materials. Given the reality, we have no way out than to seek out the mercy of technology that would address our common concerns by increasing productivity through the maximum use of existing resources.

To facilitate the members’ factory, BKMEA is the first Bangladeshi Trade Organization that has embarked upon the initiative to run Training & Consultancy Service on “Productivity Enhancement Program” in Knit garments industries through implementation of different productivity tools, Specially “Lean Manufacturing System”. Therefore, BKMEA is renowned as the Pioneer of Lean Journey in Bangladesh RMG Sector.

Aim of the Campaign

The aim of the campaign is to improve productivity within the existing manufacturing resources without major capital investment. Productivity is the effective use of innovation and resources to increase the value-added content of products and services.  It is the true source of competitive advantage that creates long term economic viability and a better standard of living for all. Economic growth cannot be sustained without improvements in productivity. Bangladesh’s growth depends on our ability to maximize labor, capital, work practices and innovation to achieve greater output. Productivity affects everyone in the economy. It drives economic growth- a highly-productive economy means we are able to:

  • Produce more goods and services with the same amount of resources
  • Produce the same level of goods and services with less resource.

The approach is, to implement productivity improvement to eliminate waste (non-value added activities) and facilitate value added work.

The Productivity Improvement Program (PIP) is being implemented by the BKMEA’s Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC).

Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC)

Since 2006, Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC) is working at BKMEA member factories using the modern manufacturing systems such as- ‘Industrial Engineering, Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management, Fabric Optimization & Cutting Technology, Supply Chain Management’ which endows very significant impact on the productivity level of the factories. Lean emphasizes on continuous improvement with proper utilization of existing resources of a factory.

Improvement range of this system varies from 18% to 30% depending on key performance indicators (KPI) e.g. Cost, Quality, Lead Time, Labor Productivity status and Space Utilization. All training and awareness-raising sessions associated with this program are being conducted to ensure sustainable development and enhanced competitiveness of the factories.

Core Strength of Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC)

PIC works with dynamic, dedicated and highly motivated professional Trainers and Consultants of Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE), Textile Engineering and Productivity Experts. They are well trained by International Consultants. PIC has gained diversified trainings in Lean Manufacturing, Quality Management , Industrial Engineering and Production Management.