Previous activities:

For the sustainable production & environment in the member factories, BKMEA has launched Green Industry Development Cell for the first time in the corporate sector. In this regard:

  • ✓ BKMEA itself got membership of USGBC to provide discount to the member factories whoever wants to go for greening the industry as well as LEED certification.
  • ✓ Initially BKMEA GID CELL worked with international consultants to provide green consultancy & to make BKMEA officers trained up about green industry.
  • ✓ Pre-assessment for green industry among the interested members. More than 60 factories went through this pre-assessment process.

Ongoing activities:

  • ✓ Seven (07) member factories of BKMEA have registered in USGBC & making green industry for better working environment as well as sustainable productivity through GID.
  • ✓ Working for waste reduction, re-use, & recycle in the factories.
  • ✓ Working on the structural safety in the factories.
  • ✓ Reduce of water & energy use in the factories.
  • ✓ Working for rainwater treatment plant & STP, ETP, WTP set-up in the factories.
  • ✓ Conducting numerous Owners session & Workshop in Narayanganj, Dhaka, and Chittagong.

Future departmental plan:

  • ✓ To provide training among the mid level ,worker level & management level about green industry & sustainability
  • ✓ Arranging awareness programs in the LEED certified factories about operation & maintenance.
  • ✓ Arranging awareness programs in the Various Environmental Issues.
  • ✓ Audits on energy & 4R policies time to time.
  • ✓ To make at least 50 green knit factories by 2021.
  • ✓ A ‘KNIT POLLI’ will be placed at ‘SANTIR CHOR’. All the factories in ‘SANTIR CHOR’ will go for green industry.