Department history:

The Bangladesh RMG sector, which has seen enormous growth over the past 30 years, becomes a key driver of the Bangladesh economy. In Ready-made Garments, Knitwear sector is a very strategic sector of RMG, which has been exported knitwear products equivalent to US$ 13.35 billion in FY 2015-16, accounting for 47.54% of total RMG export of Bangladesh and creating direct employment of 1.6 million people. It has been also maintaining domestic value addition of about 75% over the last several years. It earns around 81% of the overall export. Employing 4.4 Million workers of whom 80% are women. The sector has set a target of 50 Billion exports in 2021
Bangladesh is one of the countries that achieved economical growth at a fast pace. Huge manpower is the key to achieve the middle income earning status. Economical stability is very much important to achieve such success. Readymade garments palsy a vital role to the country economy. Production quality and efficiency is the catalyst that helps to gain the recognition in the world Bangladesh as a second largest exporter of Ready Made Garments. But the production of such level put the adverse effect on our environment .Due to water pollution, air pollution and sound pollution the adjacent areas of the factory becoming polluted and for that overall impact is falling on RMG sector. Emphasize are given on World environmental issue in various summits. As a result of that green movement has gained its popularity throughout the world especially in Green Economy, Green building, Green banking, Green Technology and in Green industry. Now it’s a high time to establish green Industry for the sustainability of the environment.
As a commitment towards environmental sustainability BKMEA felt the urgency to open new department named Green Industry Development (GID) on 1st March, 2015. Before the establishment of Green industry department social and economical sustainability were taken care of. Though the ground work of Green venture started in 2014 but officially GID Cell started its activities in 2015 with the help of total 11 members including Architect, Civil, Mechanical Engineer, Chemist and environmental expert