Process Steps-01.  For UD, AM and Export Order:


  1. File Received, Check Money Receipt and submitted all documents.
  2. To Check out Consumption and necessary paper in receiving file and send the file to UD and UP committee signatory for signs.
  3. Posting necessary information in leaguer about Export L/C and Back to Back L/C and others.
  4. Store all passing documents for future quire.
  5. To Daily send Customs UD/Am/EO copy into the following Office
  6. Segun bagicha Dhaka b) Banapole c) ICD d) Airport
  7. e) Chittagong Customs House subtim-12-16. f) Lien Bank. g) Mongla Khulna. h) Chittagong Local Custom


Process Steps-02.  Fee Schedule:


a. Money Receipt For Utilization Declaration: (Export Value Base)

Export L/C Value Money Receipt Service Charge
$ 01 to  $30,000 TK 900 0.18 Per Dz
$ $30,001   to  $80,000 TK 1100 0.18 Per Dz
$ 80,001 to $ 150,000 TK 1650 0.18 Per Dz
$ 150,001 to $400,000 TK 2500 0.18 Per Dz
$400,001 to above TK 4000 0.18Per Dz


b. Money Receipt For Amendment:

Money Receipt Service Charge
TK 700 (Normal Amendment no Service Charge)
TK 700 0.18er Dz (Service Charge will be Increase Qty)


c. Money Receipt For Export Order:

Money Receipt Service Charge
TK 900 0.18er Dz



d. Money Receipt For other Service:

Item Money Receipt
Sample Pass Book TK 1000
UD Statement Certificate TK 1000
No UD Certificate TK 500
CO Certificate TK 100
Production Certificate TK 500
Cancel UD/AM/EO Certificate TK 200
Inter Bond Certificate. TK 500
Duplicate GSP Request Certificate TK 200
Free of Cost Certificate TK 300
Bond License Renewal Request Certificate TK 500
Export Goods return Certificate. TK 500
Member ID Card. TK 500
Commercial ID Card. TK 300
Service Book TK 5 Per Pcs
GSP Form TK 250
Machinery Relics Certificate. TK 1000
Machinery Bond Relise Certificate. TK 750
Alternate Cash Assistance TK 1100
New Market Ext. Prodona. TK 750
Small Factory Prodona TK 750
All kinds of Customs Related request Latter. TK 500