Different types of Training programs:

Factory based Mid- Level Management Training on following issues
Bangladesh Labor Law – 2006,

Industrial Relation and supply chain management,

Occupational Health & Safety,

Electrical Safety, Chemical Safety, Environment Safety for the knitwear industry

Building Safety, Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) for structural development

Fire Act and Rules & Regulation,  

Security Compliance (C-TPAT) ,

Buyers Code of Conducts (CoC), International Major  Standards,

Formulation Process of  Company Policies & Procedures , Audit Techniques etc.


Factory Based workers Awareness Training on following issues
Employment related issues & Legal Rights ,

Wages & benefits,  Leaves, Welfare calculation

Health &  Hygiene for the workers,  

Grievance Procedure, Misconduct & Penalty, Participation Committee,

Workplace cooperation etc.


Other Customized Training & Workshop on:

BKMEA has initiated to improve the standards of the industry professionals through different customized trainings & Workshops programs. Compliance Cell provides Training & Workshop on (Factory Based/In House) different related issues in exchange of minimum fees as per the demand of the stakeholders.


BKMEA’s Social Compliance Trainings

In an ever-tightening regulatory atmosphere, expensive product recalls are increasingly common, especially for products being sourced in multiple countries. Not only do recalls cost money, but they take a toll on industry’s image. Knitwear industry in Bangladesh is a highly versatile sector, with smaller firms providing flexibility needed for smaller orders; the larger firms have the capacity to service the world’s biggest buyers\importers. In this connection, BKMEA Social Compliance Team embraced the best in the compliance norms and has been in ceaseless effort to upgrade the standard. It is now established that the Knitwear industries under BKMEA has been compliant over the time.