Welcome to BKMEA Compliance

BKMEA Acknowledge the necessity of social compliance in the knitwear factories. As the custodian of the sector, BKMEA has formed a Social Compliance Cell comprising of a group of competent Social Compliance experts to monitor compliance status of member factories on a regular basis since 2006. It works in the following way:

The factory monitoring program has been going on since 2006 using a four color graded checklist based on ‘National Labor Law 2006’, basic requirements of buyers Code of Conducts (COC) and others applicable national & international rules & regulation.

Early 2010 BKMEA developed a unified check list, which contains 100 marks on successful implementation of compliance issues. Now the factory monitoring process is going on by this check list.

Side by side, the cell has been involved in publishing hand books on labor laws, compliance guidelines and different kinds of awareness raising poster& stickers on health and safety, service book, minimum wage, grievance procedure, environment, basic rights of workers etc. issues to make both the  factory owners and workers aware about their responsibilities.

Compliance Cell has been providing both Mid- level Management and workers training on key compliance issues like Employment condition, Working Hours, Leaves and Holidays, Maternity benefits, Wage Benefits, Welfare Issues, Occupational Health , Fire Safety, chemical Safety, Industrial Relation, Environment Safety etc.

In addition to these BKMEA has launched Factory based consultancy program for its member factories as well as other related industries.