Requirements for “On Arrival Visa”

  • Forwarding letter to BKMEA President ( According to BKMEA Format – download from website)
  • Money receipt ( 500 Taka per person for one time service)
  • Passport copy
  • Air Tickets (with return Ticket)
  • Hotel Reservation copy
  • Permanent / home country address and contact number of applicant especially who can’t speak English.
  • 51 US Dollar of Equivalent money. (No Cash machine / POS (ATM) facilities at Visa on Arrival area so guests should ensure he/she have enough cash to pay Visa Fee).
  • For Emergency Name of contact person with designation and contact Number.

*** NB: 1. BKMEA is not responsible for any visa or any type of visa refusal (BKMEA just Provide Visa Recommendation Letter and protocol for guest/ buyer)

2. Please ensure about Visa on arrival (whether your guest will be eligible for visa on arrival or not. e.g. Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, Some African Countries etc. depends on Bangladesh immigration policy) for your guest before getting Visa recommendation from BKMEA or contact with BKMEA.

If any queries please feel free to contact