Activities of Admin Dept. of BKMEA:

The main job responsibility of BKMEA administrator is to ensure the efficient performance of all departments under the supervision of CEO. CEO is the head of the Administration who provided motivation to the work force and makes them (All cells and dept.) understood the goals of the organization. Regular activities are pointed out below

  • To provide information and reports to the President, Board of Director and different standing committee members.
  • To perform any duties assigned by President or other directors.
  • To enhance the office staff’s ability to manage and organize office effectively and professionally
  • Prepared the different plan and organize the activities efficiently.
  • To maintain all documents in the proper manner.
  • To represent and attend different official meetings and seminar in the various sectors.
  • To recommend the budget for the different department, offices, or other activities within limitations established by the board or President.
  • To develop an appropriate office management and administrative strategy with the concern of management.
  • To ensure the efficient performance of all department.
  • Assist in resolving all types’ arbitration among the members of BKMEA.
  • Arranging all types of AGM, EGM, and co-ordination meeting at BKMEA office premises as well outside.
  • Organizing as well attend the fair in the home and abroad with the BKMEA fair cell.