Courtesy meeting between Woolmark company representative and BKMEA

Regional Development Manager of Woolmark company, Australasia Ms. Trudie Friedrich paid a courtesy call on BKMEA leaders. BKMEA Sr. Vice President Mansoor Ahmed, Vice President Akhter Hossain Apurbo were present in the meeting held on September 10, 2022 at BKMEA Dhaka office. MA Salam, Chief Executive Officer, Marketo Services; Editor and Publisher, Textile Focus were Also present there.

The Woolmark Company operates in Australia as a research, development and certification subsidiary in the production of natural fibers from wool. The organization seeks the cooperation of BKMEA on various issues including the demand of woolen products and fibers in the world market. The Regional Development Manager of Woolmark invited BKMEA to participate in a seminar on global woolen products specially sweater industry.

BKMEA leaders expressed that, such initiatives will play a positive role in keeping the reputation of Bangladesh in the world market. BKMEA will continue to provide full cooperation in this regard, BKMEA leaders added.

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