BKMEA: An lnnovative & Creative Organization


Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association, BKMEA; the Apex Trade Body to represent solely the Knitwear Sector of Bangladesh stands out in the global panorama with distinct identity and stature. BKMEA adheres to innovation and creativity so that the sector based policy-making process becomes realistically and strategically perfect and gives off the result that expedites its developmental phase.

BKMEA has started its journey in 1996 by the all out efforts of few knitwear manufacturers. BKMEA was formed as a trade association to facilitate and promote knitwear business. To cater the demand generated from the changing apparel global value chain, BKMEA has been matured into the level and height of a world class organization. Now a day, BKMEA has given highest priority in the specialization of resources. Today it is an organization of about 2000 knitwear manufacturers and exporters that represent the largest export earning sector of the country.

BKMEA has grown enormous network in home and abroad. The members are the core strength and primary network of BKMEA. Besides, BKMEA works closely with national and International bodies like, International Apparel Federation (IAF), Global Alliance for Fair Textile Trade (GAFTT) and American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition (AMTAC). To boost up trade and to enhance cooperation between countries, BKMEA has signed agreement with concerned associations like China Yunnan Light & Textile Industry Association on June 10, 2005, Botswana Manufacturers & Exporters Association on October 8, 2009 etc. To promote the sector, BKMEA is implementing development projects with German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and other international organizations in this regard. The association has signed MoU with GTZ on March 16, 2005 and Metro Group, Germany on 26 April, 2010. BKMEA also closely working with Asian Development Bank(ADB), World Bank, JICA, UNIDO, BRAC, Ministry of Finance and other national and international organization for the development of Knitwear sector of Bangladesh. The development works include: enhance productivity and improve social compliance status of its member factories, promote workers welfare through centralized day care centre, health care centre, prepare sector related research and publication, intensive training program to raise the productivity of workers also the mid level management, organize trade promotion missions and fairs in home and aboard.

BKMEA is run by a 35 Board of Directors led by the President. The Board of Directors is elected for a 2-year period. To the betterment of the Knitwear sectors as well as the economy of Bangladesh different committees are also working efficiently.

Objectives of BKMEA:

BKMEA’s motto is to stay afloat in the international competition & Markets with chic & elegant quality products. We are in continuous effort to strengthen the sustainable capacity building process and ensure quality to address the worldwide tastes and demands.

To lead the world apparel market, BKMEA is putting diligent efforts to diversify export market, and ensure better market access of the country’s knitwear products to EU, USA, China, South Africa, Japan and other potential countries across the world. Along with this, BKMEA also have several objectives as:

  • To promote & expansion of Global Market share for Knitwear manufactures of Bangladesh.
  • To Policy support for the sustainable development the Knitwear sector.
  • To bolster the Capacity Building process across the Sector.
  • To raise Awareness on basic rights and business principles among the worker and Entrepreneurs of Knitwear Sector.
  • To introduce international standards in Knitwear sector of Bangladesh
  • To Formulation of sector friendly Policy in consultation with the Government of Bangladesh.

Major Activities of BKMEA:

From the very beginning of its journey BKMEA is providing different services to the member factories of Knitwear sector of Bangladesh for their continuous development. Nowadays, BKMEA is playing crucial role in policy-making process like formulation and fixation of National Export Policy, Import Policy, Import Policy Acts, Textile Policy, Industrial Policy, Fifth Year Policy, Labour Law etc. also framing sector-support rules, market expansion program, research initiatives, roductivity campaign, making green and environmentally-friendly industrial belt. The activities for the member organization of BKMEA also include:

  • Product Diversification & Market Promotion with the line of Demand pattern of Global Apparel Market.
  • Consultancy for Green Industry Development.
  • Consultancy for  Social and Environmental Compliance factory building.
  • Research & Development activities for catering the recent trend of World Apparel Market.
  • Factory based Productivity Improvement Campaign Program.
  • Training on Fire Fighting Technique.
  • In house Up-Skilling training program for both worker and mid level management to raise their productivity.
  • Civil Engineering and Architectural Assistance for ensuring structural safety of factory building.
  • One stop service point regarding UD/UP services.
  • Other necessary services within the shortest possible time.


TIN Number of BKMEA: 171908778023