Dapa, Idrakpur, Fatullah, Narayanganj.

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Salim Osman is a Bangladesh Jatiya Party politician and the member of parliament from Narayanganj, President of BKMEA.

It is a great honor and privilege for me to welcome to BKMEA.

Today it gives me immense pleasure to see BKMEA as a worldwide organization entrusted with the custodianship of the most promising sector of Bangladesh, the knitwear sector. The agile entrepreneurs have laid down their trusts with BKMEA for furthering and widening their presence across the globe through market exploration and diversification initiatives. Surprisingly, the nascent organization following its inception back in 1996 with only 200 members has grown not only vertically but also horizontally. Now it proudly embodies more than 1900 members who are employing more than one million workforce mostly women.

Considering the growth strategies in the age of connectedness, we have employed and undertaken almost all the tools at our disposal like market penetration and development policies, product development and diversification. We are working closely for some specific and potential destinations like Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, South Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Malaysia. We are closely working with our domestic and foreign channels to get across with worldwide tastes and choices.

Adoption of the state of the art science and technology in the sector has been a much-felt and priority issue in the sector. Hereby BKMEA Institute of Apparel research and Technology has been equipped to discharge its role in the dissemination of modern technology and management practices.

Today the couple of word “Women-Empowerment” may be synonymous with the growth of apparel sector. In order to make the improvement sustainable and pertinent, we are working with our development partners to institutionalize standards in the areas of compliance and environment. We have successfully vented in a sense of awareness regarding the urgency of compliance among our entrepreneurs. I am sure that days are not so far when Bangladesh will be projected as the most promising sourcing destination on the radars of all retailers.Finally I would seek the spirit of togetherness from all to foster the betterment of our all.


Managing Director

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