Productivity Improvement Cell


BKMEA’s Lean Campaign: Productivity is the key

In the ever-increasingly competitive global market, importers tend to lay more emphasis on cheaper price, quality and lead time when the manufacturers go all-out for minimizing the production cost. Situations are getting even wacky following the constant raise in price of raw materials. Given the reality, we have no way out than to seek out the mercy of technology that would address our common concerns by increasing productivity through the maximum use of existing resources.

To facilitate the members’ factory, BKMEA is the first Bangladeshi Trade Organization that has embarked upon the initiative to run Training & Consultancy Service on “Productivity and Quality Improvement”in Knit garments industries through implementation of “Lean Manufacturing System”. So, BKMEA is the Pioneer of Lean Journey in Bangladesh RMG Sector.

Aim of the Campaign:
The aim of the training program is to improve productivity within the existing manufacturing system without major capital investment. Productivity is the effective use of innovation and resources to increase the value-added content of products and services.  It is the true source of competitive advantage that creates long term economic viability and a better standard of living for all. Economic growth cannot be sustained without improvements in productivity. Bangladesh's growth depends on our ability to maximize labor, capital, work practices and innovation to achieve greater output. Productivity affects everyone in the economy. It drives economic growth- a highly-productive economy means we are able to:

  • Produce more goods and services with the same amount of resources
  • Produce the same level of goods and services with less resource.

The approach is, to implement Lean Manufacturing System is to eliminate waste (non-value added activities) and facilitate value added work

The Productivity Improvement Program (PIP) is being implemented by the BKMEA’s Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC) under Institute of Apparel Research & Technology (IART).

Institute of Apparel Research & Technology (iART):
To cater the research, development and training need of the Bangladesh Apparel and Textile Sector, BKMEA took the first innovative initiative to establish a separate Apparel Research And Training Institute, the Institute of Apparel Research & Technology (iART) at the beginning of 2006. It has two different wings: (i) Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC) and (ii) Research & Development (R&D) Cell.

Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC):
Since 2006, Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC) is working at BKMEA member factories using the modern production system ‘Industrial Engineering & Lean Manufacturing Method’ which endows very significant impact on the productivity level of the factories. Lean emphasizes on continuous improvement with proper utilization of existing resources of a factory.

Improvement range of this system varies from 20% to 40% depending on key performance indicators (KPI) e.g. Cost, Quality, Lead Time, Labor Productivity status and Space Utilization. All training and awareness-raising sessions associated with this program are being conducted to ensure sustainable development and enhanced competitiveness of the factories.

Core Strength of Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC):
PIC works with dynamic, dedicated and highly motivated professional Trainers and Consultants of Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE), Textile Engineering and other Graduates. They are well trained by International Consultants. PIC has gained diversified trainings in Lean Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Industrial Engineering and Production Management.

Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC) members have receiveddifferent types of professional trainings. Some of the major trainings are:

  • Productivity Improvement Program special focus on “Lean Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering”provided by Charles Dagher, CEO, Dagher Consultancy Group (DCG) of SRILANKA, PAKISTAN, INDIA and CANADA), Organized by GIZ.
  • Skills Needs Anticipation and matching trainingorganized by International Training Center, ITC-ILO, Turin, Italy.
  • Fabric Optimization & Cutting Technology trainingconducted by Mr. LaurentiuRazbanIonele, GHERZI Textile Organization, Organized by UNIDO.
  • Production Planning trainingconducted by Mr. LaurentiuRazbanIonele, GHERZI Textile Organization, Organized by UNIDO.
  • Quality Assurance System trainingconducted by Mr. LaurentiuRazbanIonele, GHERZI Textile Organization, Organized by UNIDO.
  • Quality Management System trainingconducted by Prof. Dr. Marie-Louise Klotz, Rhein Waal University of Applied Sciences, Germany.
  • Productivity and Quality Improvement, special focus on Lean Management Training conducted by BIM, Dhaka, Organized by GIZ.
  • Training on Knitting Technology, conducted by Prof. Dr. –Ing. Marcus O. Weber, Niederrhein University of Applied Science, Germany, Organized by UNIDO.

Lean Six Sigma Black BeltTraining:
Productivity Improvement Cell engineers received Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training which was conducted byMr. Harbans Singh, Meridian Biz Management (MBizM), Malaysia, Organized by GIZ.  Lean Six Sigma Black Belt possesses a thorough understanding of all aspects like how to perform and interpret Six Sigma tools and how to use standard principles of Lean within the phases of D-M-A-I-C in the production sector.

Study Tour:

Visit to World’s leading apparel Pattern Design and Cutting Equipment Manufacturer Lectra Research and Manufacturing Facility, Bordeaux; Technical University of Liberec, Textile Department, Czech Republic;

Premiere Vision (Apparel Show), Paris. The main outcomes of these Tours were to acquire knowledge on the latest development in the Clothing & Textile Processing Industry.

 In the PIC-led training program, we adopt the modern education and training Curriculam/Module of the European Universities.

Services provided by Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC)

     1. Certificate Courses Under iART
Training Courses
Apparel Merchandising
6 Months
Social Compliance & CSR
6 Months
Industrial Engineering & Lean Manufacturing
4 Months
Production Planning & Supply Chain Management
3 Months
Fire Safety Management & Risk Assessment
2 Months
Market Analysis & Export Promotion (MAEP)
1.5 Months
Textile Testing & Lab Management
1 Months
Tactics of Commercial Activities
1 Months

2. Factory based training program
  • Management Personnel Training Program
  • Supervisor Training Program
  • Workers Training Program

3. Industrial Training Program for University Students on “Garment Technology & Lean Manufacturing”

4. BKMEA’s Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC) has successfully conducted the following training programsfor the students of Industrial & Production Engineering and Textile Engineering departments of various engineering universities of Bangladesh.
  • Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)
  • Jessore Science & Technology University (JSTU)
  • MawlanaBhashani Science and Technology University (MBSTU
Other Science &Technology Universities are in process to include in BKMEA’s Industrial Training Program on “Garment Technology & Lean Manufacturing”.

5. Short Courses
  Waste Reduction & Cost Control
  Garments Consumption and Costing
  Production Calculation Through Work Study Analysis
  Application Of  Lean Manufacturing  Tools & Techniques In RMG
  Fabric Optimization & Cutting Technology
  Quality Control  System  In  RMG
  Garments Production Planning
  Fire Fighting Technique for Factory
  Dynamics of Commercial Activities: Banking, Customs, UD & Cash Incentive
  Amended Labor Law And Implementation Of Minimum Wages
  Accord & Alliance Standard & Factory Inspection Handling Procedure

  1. Consultancy Services on Productivity Improvement
Productivity Improvement Cell (PIC) provides Factory based Training and Consultancy Services on following areas:
  • Lean Manufacturing System Implementation
  • Industrial Engineering Department Establishment & Development
  • Enrichment of existing Industrial Engineering Department
  • Fabric Optimization & Cutting Technology
  • New Floor Layout Design
  • Reengineering of existing Layout 
  • Quality Assurance System

Benefits of Productivity improvement in the factories:
BKMEA PIC team has already provided their services more than 55 factories in Bangladesh. By successful implementation of the project, significant improvements have been made in various stages. A comparative scenario of before&after Implementationis shown below considering important KPI:

The target groups are benefited immensely from the contemplated program in terms of both technical and management capacities. From technical side they learn the methods and applications of value adding activities. In managerial capacity, this program provides cost-effective solution to production and labor management.

Given the result that the PIC team of BKMEA has brought about in the factories through their productivity improvement program, we can assume that by 2020, the knitwear sector of Bangladesh will have achieved broader productivity range than those in South Asia and by 2050, it may challenge the world’s Top.