6th Knit Expo 2012
BKMEA’s 6th Knit Exposition, Tokyo, Japan

“Introducing Bangladesh Knitwear to Japan and beyond” with this slogan, BKMEA organized the 6th Knit Exposition in Tokyo, Japan from January 25-27, 2012. As always, BKMEA is spreading out the elegance of our unique knitwear products across the world as part of its constant efforts to tap new destinations as well as to make strong footholds in the existing market bases.


Press Conference ahead of the 6th Knit Exposition


BKMEA President AKM Salim Osman While Speaking at the Press Conference held on January 17, 2012 at BKMEA Dhaka Office. BKMEA 2nd Vice President Mohammad Hatem & Vice President (Finance) AH Aslam Sunny are also seen


Earlier on January 17, 2012 BKMEA arranged a press conference at its Dhaka office to share the expectations and prospects in Japan market. BKMEA President AKM Salim Osman made a vivid picture of Bangladesh knitwear sector with the support of statistical data. He underscored the need for market expansion in the face of global economic downturn especially in Europe. He added that we could no longer afford to remain satisfied with the existing market bases when competing countries like China are pursuing proactive market policies. He cited countries like Brazil, Urgentina, Russia as some of the untapped countries with massive prospects for Bangladeshi exporters. BKMEA Vice President Md. Monsoor Ahmed, Vice President (Finance) AH Aslam Sunny also answered to the queries from the journalists. Among others, Managing Director of Dutch Bangla Bank Mr. K. S. Tabrez, BKMEA directors were also present at the press conference.

  Japan as a Potential Destination for our Knitwear Products



The success history of knitwear export to Japan was rewritten following the historic declaration back in April, 2011 when the Japan government awarded us with two-stage GSP facilities for our knitwear products. The credit also goes to honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for promoting our case of achieving two stage GSP facilities for our knitwear products in the Japan market during her latest visit to Japan back in 2010. In fact, we have been pursuing our case through our subsequent visits to Japan back in 2010 and 2011. The following table validates our reasons to be optimistic:

Fiscal Year

Export  (Million $)

Growth Rate (%)


5532.52 Million $



6429.26 Million $



6483.29 Million $



9482.06 Million $


2011-2012 (July-December)

4791.50 Million $


Besides, there are some specific reasons that led us to determine Japan as one of the most prominent destinations:

  • Japan’s ‘China Plus One’ Policy as well as two stage GSP facility in Japan market for Bangladesh knitwear products will help us grow in Japan market. We have competitive positions in labor costs, production efficiency and quality over Vietnam, Italy, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea like countries.
  • Japan is the third largest importer of knitwear products in the world. Here our export share to Japan is only 5.14% of its total $15 billion import. We hope that by the next few years, we will be able to make a share of 5% equivalent to $ 750 million in our export. Here the 6th Knit Expo will be really effective to meet our projection.
  • Bangladesh with its 7th position in knitwear export to Japan is maintaining a growth rate of over 115.28% which is far greater than its competitors. Accordingly, we believe that the 6th Knit expo would usher in a new epoch in our knitwear history by eventually promoting us as the second largest knitwear exporter in Japan market.
  • Among the non-traditional destinations for our knitwear products, Japan tends to be the most potential one due to our highest growth rates in our export to Japan and the very location of the country.
  6th Knit Exposition in Tokyo, Japan

Honorable Commerce Minister Ghulam Muhammed Quader, MP
While inaugurating the 6th Knit Expo’ in Japan

The 6th Knit Exposition in Tokyo, Japan could be stated as the largest fashion fair and congregation of knitwear manufacturers ever from Bangladesh organized in Japan.

With 32 stalls, the leading manufacturers like Fakir Apparels Ltd, Abanti Colour Tex Ltd, Wisdom Attires Ltd, Fukhruddin Textile Mills Ltd, Multifabs Ltd, Esquire Knit Composite Ltd, Texeurop (BD) Ltd, Metro Knitting & Dyeing Mills Ltd, PIONEER SWEATERS LTD, from Bangladesh showcased their best products. Besides this, more than 125 entrepreneurs also visited Japan during the exposition. Other exhibitors were Minar Industries  (Pvt) Ltd, Sensible Fashion (Pvt) Ltd, Proud Textile, Apparel 21 Ltd, James Apparels (Pvt.) Ltd, Cotton Field (BD.) Ltd, Cotton Field (BD.) Ltd, Samrat & Co. (Pvt) Ltd, Visual Knitwears Ltd, Greenstone Knitwears Ltd, Raza Knit (BD) Ltd, Knit Fair Ltd, Denison Attires Ltd, P. M Knittex Ltd, J. N. Apparels (Pvt.) Ltd, AMC Knit Composite Ltd, Al-Amin Export Ltd, Amana Knittex Ltd, Motaleb Monowara composite (Pvt.) Ltd, Perfact Fashion, Green Life Knit composite Ltd, Monira Knit Apparels Ltd, Platinum Fashions wear Ltd.


A Large Number of Prominent Buyers Visited the Stalls and Placed Spot Orders

More than 50 to 60 prominent buyers from Japan showed their keen interest to source from Bangladesh. Along with placing spot orders, many of them expressed their keen interest to source from Bangladesh. They also informed that soon they would be visiting Bangladesh to place orders. It is worthy to mention that the mega event got huge media coverage in the Japanese media.
  Press Conference in Japan



Honorable Commerce Minister Ghulam Muhammed Quader, MP speaking at a Press Conference arranged on January 26, 2012 in Tokyo, Japan. BKMEA Vice Presidents were also present in the press conference


On January 26, 2012 BKMEA organized a press conference in Japan. Journalists from prominent Japanese print and electronic media joined the session. BKMEA Vice President Md. Monsoor Ahmed and team leader of the 6th knit exposition read out the objectives of the 6th knit exposition. BKMEA Vice President (Finance) AH Aslam Sunny also joined him in replying to the queries made by the journalists. Honorable Commerce Minister Ghulam Muhammed Quader and Export Promotion Bureau Vice Chairman Shubhashish Bose, BKMEA 2nd Vice President Mohammad Hatem were also present in the press conference. While addressing the journalists, honorable commerce minister expressed his hope that soon the most promising sector of the country would be able to attain substantial market share in Japan market with China, capitalizing on our unique quality and style.

  Reception Parties in Japan in honor of 6th Knit Expo Participants

BKMEA Team at the reception party offered by leading garment machine manufacturer brands Brother, Juki, Pegasus. BKMEA Vice President (Finance) AH Aslam Sunny thanked them on behalf of BKMEA

“On January 26 and 27, 2012, leading garment machine manufacturer brands Brother, Juki, Pegasus arranged two vibrant reception parties in honor of the participants in the 6th knit exposition. While addressing the guests, top officials from the brands hailed the vibrant growth of Bangladesh knitwear sector. They expressed their sincere pleasure for being the part in the unique achievement of the sector. They added that they eye further growth in Bangladesh as the sector continues to grow. BKMEA 2nd Vice President Mohammad Hatem, team leader and Vice President Md. Monsoor Ahmed and Vice President (Finance) AH Aslam Sunny thanked the manufacturers for organizing the reception parties.

Finally, we hope and believe that if we can align all our efforts and initiatives together, we can easily turn our mission $ 20 billion by 2020 into a reality. Undoubtedly, there will be no let up in our efforts following our Japan tour. We think soon our export to Japan will be doubled and it will narrow down the trade gap between the two countries. We have also taken up initiatives to expand our reach in Brazil, Argentina, South Korea and Malaysia. We like to convey our gratitude to prominent bank Dutch Bangla Bank for their support to BKMEA for organizing the mega event, the 6th Knit Exposition. ATN Bangla, Channel I, the Daily Star, Kaler Kontho were the media partners covering the events from Tokyo, Japan.