International Apparel federation (IAF)


International Apparel federation (IAF)


BKMEA representation in the International Apparel federation (IAF)

When leading industrialists, Joachim Hoffman (Europe), Komataro Kondo (Japan) and Thomas Roboz (USA) founded the International Apparel Federation in 1972 in Williamsburg (USA), they had a dream to bring together apparel manufacturers from all over the world. Building bridges between continents by promoting common business interests, by encouraging best practice and supporting apparel manufacturers and marketers worldwide.

After almost forty years the IAF has become the world’s leading federation for apparel manufacturers, their associations, and the supporting industry. IAF’s membership now include apparel associations from more than 40 countries representing over 150,000 companies who provide products and services to the apparel industry – a membership that represents over 20 million employees. The associate members of IAF are prominent companies or institutes in technology, business services, retailing, logistics, culture and education.

“Building bridges across continents, the international Apparel Federation (IAF) wants to maximize the value its members can gain from global cooperation”

  • for the betterment of business practices
  • for the advancement of technology and the promotion of its’ use
  • for the encouragement of innovation and new ways of thinking.
  • for the growth of apparel trade worldwide.
  • for the improvement of social, health and safety, and environmental conditions relating to the apparel chain worldwide
  • for the advancement of apparel related education and training.

BKMEA is the only member organization from Bangladesh that obtained membership form and represents the IAF. Most importantly, BKMEA also has representation in the Board of Directors of the IAF. The IAF firmly believes that global responsibility is one of the main strategic issues facing the global apparel industry. BKMEA holds the same opinion and is working in sync with the IAF to achieve that goal so that the International apparel business trend oozes some signs of responsibility under ethical guidelines of the business management.