Fire Safety Cell (FSC)


Fire Safety: Core commitment for industrial management


Fire is probably the biggest threat to life that most people face at work. It can lead to immense damage, serious injuries, and death. In the real world, there is an assumption that "fires" are unpredictable and that they must be dealt with immediately. However, it is critically important to minimize the risk of fire at the workplace and to make sure every employer and employee is aware of appropriate actions to be taken in the event of a fire. Firefighting is a highly technical skill. Therefore, BKMEA Fire Safety Cell is facilitating this technical skill to its member factories by following national and international standards.

Establishment of BKMEA Fire Safety Cell:
Due to the present demand of raising awareness to protect people, property and businesses from fire and consequences, BKMEA has set up "Fire Safety Cell'. BKMEA Fire Safety Cell established on 1st August in 2009. With qualified and experienced Trainers aided by necessary technical support, today the cell is working relentlessly to help BKMEA member factories in their initiatives to prevent fire-related accidents.

Core Strength:

BKMEA Fire Safety Cell hasbeen working with integrity and utmost professionalism.
It has Fire Expert, Consultant, Training team, Skilled Engineer, Technologist, Specialist teamto work.
One of the core strength is trainer’s accreditation from both national and international arena. Fire Safety Cell provides workshop/training/risk assessment techniques with tools & related machinery.
The cell runs practical prevention and preparedness programs to prevent any emergencies and reduce the impact on the Knitwear Industry.

Objective of BKMEA Fire Safety Management Training:
Fire Safety Management Training vision is to develop and ensure the sustainability of the fire safety condition of Factory units through the following:

  • To establish fire safety Code of Conduct (National & International) in the factories
  • To build up confidence & awareness of factory management
  • Keep safe workplace for sustainable business.
  • Employer and employee engagement.
  • To develop Management leadership and commitment.
  • To develop the participants knowledge and skill on fire safety management.
  • Familiarization to the means of raising awareness of fire safety through Verbal communications and trainings.
  • Develop an action based plan on fire safety priorities and describe how to formulate a presentation to the management.
  • Developing key messages on fire prevention and fire protection system.
  • To established the Emergency plan & Respond in the work place .

Methodology of Training:
Picture based power point presentation, relevant story taken from the real life situation, Video on different fire occurred in garment factories in the recent years, practical session, interactive with demonstrations, group exercises, case studies and feedback / student assessment through Post-test and concluding remarks.

Brain Storming, buzz Group, lectures, discussion in Large & Small Groups, plenary, guided study, free Discussion, question and answers and review of case studies and role playing.

Consultancy and Training services provided by Fire Safety Cell

Training (Fire Safety Management):

Factory Based: BKMEA Fire Safety Cell conducts three days training on Fire Safety Management

Institute of Apparel Research & Technology (iART) Based:
  • Day Long Training/Workshop
  • Two Weeks Training (Short Course)
  • Two Weeks Training on ACCORD, ALLIANCE, Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) Standard.
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Management Training Course:
  • Top and Mid-Level Management Training on Fire Safety Management

Skills for Employment Investment Program (SEIP):
  • Up Skilling Training (Mid-Level) Program (Factory Based)
  • Up Skilling Training (workers) Program (Factory Based)
  • Two Month (Long Course) Training on Environmental Safety & Health and Fire Safety Risk Assessment.

Development of self-assessment on fire safety management:

BKMEA Fire Safety Cell has been doing the below mention task:
  • Fire safety self-assessment checklist.
  • Categorize Risk & work place fire safety.
  • Addressing awareness program for fire safety among RMG industries.
  • Suggesting remedial action.

Fire Safety Management Related other Activities:
  • Woner Session.
  • Fire Drill Management Procedure.
  • Safety Inspection.
  • Risk Assessment.
  • Publication ( related to Fire and Safety).

Achievements of BKMEA Fire Safety Cell:

From the beginning, the cell has been relentless in its efforts- 


 Six Hundred Thirty Eight (638) Fire Drill Has been Conducted Successfully.

 Mid-Level Management Training of 835 personnel from BKMEA Member Factories .

 Two Weeks Training (Short Course) of 285 personnel from BKMEA Member Factories

 Two Weeks Training of 95 personnel from BKMEA Member Factories on ACCORD,   ALLIANCE, Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) Standard

Woner Session with more then 200 Entreprenurs on Fire Safety Issues at Hotel Lake   Shore, Dhaka in 2010. .

 Woner Session with more then 500 Entreprenurs on Fire Safety Issues at Hotel Purbani,   Dhaka in 2012-2013 .

Fire Safety Initiatives has been taken so far:
Safety, especially fire safety, has become a major concern for the RMG sector in Bangladesh as there have been some unfortunate incidents in recent timesdespite all preventive efforts and initiatives. Though significant efforts are made by individual factories, BKMEA and Government agencies are also committed to ensuring safety in factories.

As of September 2014 BKMEA has trained 29728 workers and 567 mid & top level personnel.
BKMEA fire safety cell frequently checks fire and workplace safety issues of factories and conduct 3 days fire safety training & drill on regular basis.
Crash course on ‘fire safety management’ for mid-level managers and supervisors are being conducted.
Fire safety training has been mandatory by giving circulations for all member factories.
To aware, BKMEA has published awareness rising poster, sticker, and leaflet on fire safety issues and distributed these to the member factories.
BKMEA has also developed a manual in Bangla versonfor fire and electrical safety.

Our intention since the beginning of this multi-year process has been driven by our commitment to improve the working conditions at knitwear factories in Bangladesh.  Our on-the-ground fire safety experts have already identified many improvements. BKMEA wants that both the owner and workers commit to work together to ensure that efforts to improve fire and building safety in the knitwear industry are aligned, compatible, and seek to avoid duplication wherever possible. The value of an initiative ultimately should ultimately be measured by the impact it achieves, and will continue to report on the progress we make in the months and years ahead.

Consequently, the ripple effects of our relentless efforts have begun to surface in the sector with decreasing number of fire related accidents and human casualties.The sooner we can act together, the longer we can write our history of success in reducing fire related incident in BKMEA’s member factory.